Disney Cultural Exchange – Application process.

So this is going to be a quick post about the first stage of applying to the Disney Cultural Exchange Program!

First of all, this is specific to UK applicants!

I applied through a website called Yummy Jobs, so it starts simple enough all you have to do is set up an account and click apply! I started my application in August even though the deadline wasn’t till the end of September. I recommend getting your application started early so you can really work through it and make it the best you can, they make the biggest cuts at this stage!

So what is asked?

It starts nice and simple, a few personal questions and information about education and work history. You have to include emergency contact info and a “passport” style photo, but any good quality photo is fine!

When it comes to your work experience, I would definitely tailor it to Disney. Any old generic paragraph won’t make you stand out! Look at some of the roles that are included in the program and see what you can say to appeal to them.

This goes for your CV too! I changed my CV so it would be more specific for Disney. Also, although it is not necessary to write a cover letter I definitely would write one, it shows you’re willing to go further.

Now thats the easy bit.. 

There are a couple of specific questions that need a little bit more work..

  • Why do you value cultural exchange and interaction?
  • What is your motivation for this program?
  • Final comments.

Cultural and exchange is a huge part of this program and although most of us apply purely so we can work in Disney it is important to acknowledge what you can learn and teach others about cultural differences. I think it is important again to make this personal, I included a lot about my hometown – Liverpool – but you can also use your university city if that is more interesting! The disney careers website has a lot of detail on the program so can come in useful!

When asked about your motivation I think it is important to again reiterate how much you would love to learn about other cultures and teach others about your own. Also, show your passion for Disney and use the right Disney terminology! Simple things like using guest instead of customers can show you have done your research!

Finally, heres where you can sell yourself! I basically said how much I love Disney and how magical my Disney experiences have been and tried to big myself up as much as possible!

So all that was left to do is proofread! I think I put more effort into proofreading this than any essay I’ve ever completed.

As soon as you’re feeling confident then go again and send it off! Our deadline date was 30th September and thankfully we heard pretty soon after, (on 2nd October) about our next stage!

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 14.06.52

I will have a post about the next stage soon, so see ya real soon!


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