Disney Cultural Exchange Program – Pre-Screen Interview

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So I’m back and this time telling you about the next stage! The Pre-screen interview 🙂

First of all, I was basically terrified before this interview and it actually was a really fun day! So try to calm your nerves because it really isn’t as scary as you think! – and well done for getting to this stage, as I said in my last post they make the most cuts at the application stage!

So in your email it says where and when your interview will be held!

So here are some basics..

  • Remember to wear smart clothing – I wore a tartan swing dress with a collar insert underneath, tights, ballet points and a trench coat,
  • Don’t forget to bring your Yummy Jobs Passport! (this can be downloaded from the website)
  • Make sure you leave with plenty of time! (Our train ended up being delayed just before the station! Also there was some confusion over which building we were in)
  • Stay smiling! (the day can be quite long but remember they’re always watching)

So you get to the lecture theatre where all the Yummy Jobs team are there ready to give you a presentation all about the program. If you’re like me and are so excited that you’ve done way too much research by now anyway you’ve probably already seen all the videos they show you! After all that, they will call out your name, team name, time and location! (GO TEAM BUZZ!)

A tip for the whole application stage in general is join the Facebook group! This came in handy for me as we all posted what group we were in and what time, etc, so we could then meet up somewhere to kill time!

So when the time finally comes, definitely get to your room early! The group before mine ran over which was actually a good thing! It meant all of us in our group had enough time to get chatting which helped as we felt a little bit more comfortable. Here are a couple of questions they might ask!

  1. Say your name, the course you’re studying and an interesting fact about you.
  2. Why do you want to work for Disney?
  3. What would you do if a young child had been waiting for (x amount of time) and Mickey had to go on his break?
  4. How would you describe your hometown to Guests?
  5. How will you cope with the Florida heat?
  6. What do you want to get out of this experience?
  7. How would you deal with a guest who wanted an item that wasn’t in stock?
  8. What are your 3 top role choices and why?
  9. What other company do you admire for its customer service?
  10. What disney character are you most like and why? (my favourite question! Rapunzel because she’s always positive and won’t stop until she achieves her dream! I think its important to have a back up too incase someone says your character!)

My interview lasted around 40 minutes but felt more like 10! It’s really good if you can meet those in your group beforehand because it helps if you can bounce off each other, nod and show that you’re listening to others, but definitely look enthusiastic and smile!

Yet again Yummy Jobs surprised me and we really didn’t have to wait long to find out if we were successful! They emailed us around 11pm on the final day of interviews!

So next up you’re off to Disney HQ! 


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