Disney Cultural Exchange – Final Interview!!!

So this is it, you’re off to Disney HQ Baby!

Seriously take this all in, it’s not every day you can walk into Disney HQ! In case you didn’t know, the HQ is in Hammersmith in London so you might need to travel down there – pre warning its not always cheap! I stayed in Aviva studio apartments which was really handy as it wasn’t far away at all and was really nice!

So soon after you receive the email telling you that you were successful you should receive a link so you can book the date and time of your interview slot. This is first come first serve, which is a bit annoying – I was in work when this was sent so ended up with the worst slot – 5-6. You have to be there at 9am so this mean waiting alllllllllll dayyyyyyy. You also get a link to fill out your role checklist. This includes all the information about the roles and the opportunity to rank your role choices in order of interest! Although I would say be flexible, if theres something you don’t want to do, don’t be worried about saying no interest. I did this for 2 on mine, costuming and bell resort. Its probably a good idea to write down what you have put too, I completely forgot what I had said for most roles, oops!

I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful when it comes to directions on the HQ but honestly, I barely know my way around Liverpool and I’ve lived here all my life! (God help me in Florida) But I’m sure a good ol’ research on google maps should do the trick! I was lucky enough to go down to London with one of my best friends (who has also been accepted!) and we went down a day early, this meant we could check out the location beforehand leaving less stress for the morning!

Don’t Forget: (This was for my interview but it could change year-to-year)

  • ID
  • Student Status Form
  • Copy of your CV
  • A book or something to entertain yourself with (I wasn’t lying when I was saying it can be a long day!)

So it started by simply checking in at the front desk, then going up  the (Mickey filled) stairs to a waiting room which had beautiful illustrations of some of the film stills and some merchandise too! We were led into a theatre room and shown the most amazing presentation ever, literally holding back the tears! The interviewers seemed really nice and oh so very jolly! They talked us through the roles some more, some of the costs of the program as well as some of the benefits! Then we had a mini quiz where I actually won a Mickey Pen!


Then they let us all go, ready to wait and arrive 15 minutes before allotted time! As my interview time was so late, we met up with a couple of people with similar times and ended up on a bit of a trip! We went to Harrods and Buckingham Palace which was soo fun as it had been so long since I visited London. It definitely made it easier going out into London and spending it with likeminded people. We wanted to avoid rush hour so went back to Hammersmith around 4ish, theres a shopping centre right next door if you want a cuppa.

Eventually we went back, (oh so nervous) to find that all the interviews had ran over by a lot! We went back upstairs to the waiting room where the girls from Yummy Jobs were there. They definitely calmed our nerves and were so nice! Everyone was chatting and getting to know each other before the interviews. I can’t remember how long the interview was delayed by but at one point I checked my phone and it was 7:20 and I still hadn’t been interviewed! The groups were interviewed in alphabetical order so bare in mind if your last name is like a Z and you have a plane to catch! This happened to one of the girls in my group so I let her have my spot!

So the time came when I had my interview…

The questions were quite straightforward and everything you expect. I would definitely, as mentioned in previous posts, use the Disney terminology! They really pick up on it. The questions just referred to your choices in the role checklist and your previous work experience. The interviews usually last about 20 minutes but it definitely doesn’t feel like it.

So my friend and I really didn’t feel confident about it on the way home. We both had the same interviewer and just felt like she wasn’t that enthused and seemed to have a bit of a fake smile going on. It wasn’t till the next day when I thought about how long she had been at it, I probably had my interview around 8! So if you’re one of the late interview slots and feel this way, just remember how tired they are and you could be surprised!

Now here comes the wait, it really is torture! They told us in our interview we would have to wait till December. Safe to say as soon as it hit 00:01 on the 1st December I was refreshing my email constantly. Although they said we would hear by the 20th it seriously didn’t stop me from refreshing every day in between. This is where the Facebook group can have its downfall, every time I got a notification I freaked out!

But finally the day came, I got out of work on Friday 19th December to a big email saying CONGRATULATIONS! It was amaaaazing! I could view my offer letter which told me my program start date was 2/06/15 and I would be working in Merchandise!

Good Luck everyone!


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