Ok so after my Disney posts, I’m back to my love – shopping.

It seems like all I do is online shop, ok no, realistically all I do is add things to my checkout and wish list. Just to lust. I’m constantly scouring the New in sections online, in apps or just ‘popping in’ on the high street whenever I possibly can.

Its a disease.

Since my family, friends and definitely my boyfriend don’t seem as enthusiastic about my habits, I was hoping a few likeminded people on this ol’ place would appreciate a wishlist or two. No, not a wishlist – a wishdrobe.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 23.42.28

I know this is bit of mash of clothing, but I can’t help it. I’m stuck in the quest to wrap up while still looking chic whilst also dreaming of summer and the clothes it will bring.

  1. ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Wide leg trouser and Vest crop top – Now don’t get me wrong this co-ord is preetttyyy pricey as it is priced separately as £48 for the trousers and £28 for the crop, leaving you to dish out a hefty £76 for this ensemble. But the two can be paired separately with the old denim shorts you have from last summer or the cami top thats waiting for spring to come on down. It can definitely be dressed up or dressed down and I think gives that chic boho vibe. The only worry for me is that trouser length, short-legged me might not get away with that..
  2. Pink Ribbed High Neck Top – This River Island piece is just going to be a love for the new season. I am totally on board with this high neck phase thats going on and this crop definitely ticks all the boxes for me. Again another one that is perfect for styling on a night out. This top is surprisingly good quality for its price of £20.
  3. Olivia Burton Midi Dial Mink and Rose Gold Watch – I just can’t get over how in love I am with this watch! The Rose gold detail is just amaazing however, the price tag of £62 means its a little out of reach at the minute..
  4. Longline Wrap Cardigan with belt and Kimono Sleeve – Oh ASOS you’ve done it again. This cardigan features a soft-touch knit and a relaxed fit, that I think would look great all year round. I was so surprised that this was only £40 and ASOS are forever doing great discounts so I will definitely be keeping my eye out.
  5. Khaki Long Sleeved Textured Swing Dress – So Khaki is a huge trend at the minute, who’s surprised? And this swing dress would just be ideal for those days that go straight into the night. Its £30 and is pretty new in. Unfortunately this picture really doesn’t do it justice but I’ve seen it on paired with over the knee suede boots and ankle boots alike, and I am head over heels. Pardon the pun
  6. Wide Fit Suede Ankle Boots – Whilst I don’t need wide fit boots, or any more boots for that matter, I just love the casual style of these boots that would look great with jeans or dresses, in spring or autumn. They’re £50 which I think is reasonable and will go with so many outfits thanks to the contrast heel which definitely seems wearable!

So what are all you lusting for?


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