Handbag Essentials.

Handbag Essentials image 1

I have my little pouch full of simple handbag essentials that may not be the most glamorous but boyyy are they handy.

So I thought I would share them with you!

I keep them in this little River Island Leather Pouch Purse so it’s easy if I need to change bags – they don’t have any more of these in stock because I bought them in the sale. But here are some other pouches that I like on ASOS.. here and here.

Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cleanse Gel– I always keep this in my bag, because not only is this useful for well, hygiene but this smells so nice! They do it in many different scents, such as Pink Grapefruit and Coconut

Plasters – because some shoes kill like a bitch.

Hayfever Tablets – I keep these in my bag all year round, you just never know.

Paracetamol – these always come in useful, but you can also be anyones best friend when you have these in your bag.

Travalo Perfume Atomizer – this little guy is the best. It is small enough to throw in any bag but it usually carry about 100ml in. One of my favourite perfumes is the River Island Paris at Night but unfortunately this product was limited edition and I broke the top of the bottle! This handy thing still lets me use it though therefore the love for this grows..

Vaseline – does this need any explanation?

Revlon Lip Butter – for when the vaseline won’t cut it but you still want something easy to maintain. I have so many of these they are my favourite but Berry Smoothie is the usual staple in this pouch – its one of them your lips but better shades.

Are any of these useful for you?


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