The Races: My Style Favourites

So as a Liverpudlian, or Scouser if you will, the Races are kind of a big deal. Now I have never been, (but plan to in 2016) so instead I scroll and scroll my way through twitter and Facebook along with the newspaper to see some of my style favourites.

Now, Liverpool and the Grand National doesn’t exactly have the best reputation so I thought I would take to my little spot on the internet to showcase one of the things Liverpool does best, Fashion.

I honestly think Liverpool Style is unique and daring, I can nearly always spot someone from Liverpool from a mile away and not just for the ‘ScouseBrow’. 

So here are some of my favourites..


I just love the outfits these 3 girls have put together, just the right accessories and pop of colour. I think my favourite has to be the lace dress on the left, I really want it!


I also love this gorgeous high neck victorian style dress with the lovely feathered skirt. I think this is fab for those willing to be a little bit more edgy. Paired with the lace up black heels and the black sunglasses, this girl has pulled off the effortless chic look.


Now don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of things that I would wear differently with this. I probably would have changed up the shoes for a pop of colour and added a bold red lip too but I love this jumpsuit and floppy hat combo. This jumpsuit is just formal enough to wear for the Races due to the simple addition of this hat that flatters her lovely curls.


And finally, the Winner of the Ladies Day Style Award. This quirky Kate Spade bag adds something a little bit different to this elegant dress. Although you can’t see in this picture, she paired the ensemble with some red stilettos which tied the whole outfit together along with the help of her red lip.

What was your favourite look?



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  1. love the polka dot best and wow the bag 🙂

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