Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 00.14.56Yes, so it’s that time of the year – deadlines and I’m sure like me theres many of you out there who feel overwhelmed with everything at this time.

I’ve been struggling with sleeping, been moody, etc and it wasn’t long before I realised it was the essays and deadlines looming over me, but you know, when you realise something you can overcome it.

So I have been really trying to sort my little self out a bit and have come up with a couple of things to bring myself back to the happier me. Thought it might be some good ideas for you lot..

1. Bath

So obvious right? Yes, but so worth it. I am partial to the odd Sunday night pamper session and this one was well overdue. I recently got a tattoo on my foot (I may do a post what dya think?) so I haven’t been able to relish in a Lush bath for quite some time, so this time was just ahhhh. For me a good bath bomb or even bath soak is essential with the background music of James Bay, George Ezra and hell, a bit of Ed Sheeran for good measure. I really think it makes the world of difference by giving you some time to wind down. Afterwards I like to watch a good vlog, Hannah Maggs is always a goodun on a Sunday or I’ll read a bit of my book.

2. A Tidy Room

As I mentioned, when I get stress I really struggle trying to get some shut eye and I’m sure it’s not just me, but doesn’t a tidy room and freshly washed sheets just scream comfort? I’m the first one to admit that I am one messy person so I’ve really tried to make the effort to do the simple things that can make the difference. First thing to get in the habit of is making my bed of a morning, it just makes it that much more appealing. Secondly, hang that floordrobe up! I spend a lot, too much money on clothes yet in a fit of rage when I don’t know what to wear it can be on the floor in a minute! I really don’t go all out of this, I’m not a dust pan and brush kind of gal but a simple tidy can just take 10 minutes out of your night and I know it makes a difference for me.

3. To Do Lists

Ok, so who doesn’t love lists? Not going to lie, often to do lists are my go to forms of procrastination but they often do help organise and declutter my mind. They help me put everything into context and see the important tasks first. Just try and make sure you don’t go overboard and write to do lists of to do lists ok?

4. Cuppa Tea

I know I know a very English answer but this is actually part of my nighttime routine. I have to have a good old cup of tea before I go to sleep. I really try and shut of technology for a bit before bedtime. But my routine generally consists of tea followed by a 10 minute read and a spritz of my This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, now I’m not sure if this actually works or if its a mental thing but I love the stuff and even if it doesn’t, it makes my pillow smell like Lavender!

5. Looking forward to things

All bad things must end.This you may or may not agree with but it surely makes me feel better. Especially if it is just simply a deadline, you have to get it done right? So a tip I try to remember is to look forward to the good things. Whether thats drinks with friends to celebrate the end of exam period, or simply the end of uni and the start of summer, I like to have something in mind for when I’m feeling particularly crappy.

Even writing this post has made me feel a little bit better thinking of all the things that make me feel happier. I hope this helps some of you, I know they’re pretty basic things but it’s always good to be reminded when you’re at your wits end.

Hope you’re all ok though! 🙂


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