My New Love: Chroma Stationary


Hey everyone, let me introduce you to possibly my favourite purchase of the month – my personalised Chroma Notepad!

I have been after a small notebook for when I go to Florida to write a diary of sorts, but some Disney ones were just too childish and some others weren’t Disney at all.

So I went down the personalised route, after seeing Chroma in the likes of this post by Corrie and thought I would give it ago with a good old Walt Disney Quote.

I got the A5 Lined Nebraska Perfect Bound Notebook in Elizabeth with Gold writing saying

If You Dream It,

You can do It

– Walt Disney


So I was already so excited for this but I was blown away by the customer service. I requested a certain font as I saw it on the notebook for Lily Pebbles and thought that was that. Until an email dropped into my Inbox from Gabi explaining that the font isn’t great for quotes/whatever that are quite long. She then asked if I would like her to pick a font, which I eagerly went a long with and I am glad I did!

I just thought this was so lovely and completely above and beyond because honestly, if it looked a bit er- crap, it would have been my fault for choosing that font but for to get a personal email was just so lovely.

It even came in lovely packaging..


I am in love with this notebook as it is but after this I would purchase, purchase and purchase again!

All that and it only cost £9.75 with p&p, I don’t know about you but that is prettyyy much down my street.

     IMG_0752What would you get personalised on a notebook?

PS. For you Disney Obsessives you may notice that I actually misquoted – schoolgirl error, it’s actually If You Can Dream it, You Can Do it! Oops.


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  1. RachelShuchatMakeup May 17, 2015 — 9:44 pm

    Love the pink, it’s so cute!


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