Special Splurges.


So I may have treated myself a bit on Friday, but it was a Friday! – I really can try and justify any purchases.

I went for a bit of spree with my friend Ellie, you can read her blog here, and spent way too much money as usual!

Well after popping in to the Body Shop to have a nose at their new range, I headed over to Debenhams to spend a way overdue gift card.

Although I didn’t pick up anything from the new Vitamin C range at The Body Shop, I did repurchase these old favourites..

Camomile Cleansing Butter – not to be opened til Florida!

Pink Grapefruit Hand Cleanse Gel – my favourite scent and I picked up the last one yay – sorry Ellie!

Vanilla Body Mist – this smells like holidays and is so good to just throw in your bag because it seems to complement any perfume that you already have on.

and the free gift (!) A travel size wild organ body butter



But for the really exciting part.

I hit Clarins and I hit it good. Now I was lucky enough to have a £50 Gift Card from my Birthday back in December so I am well aware that this is pretty pricey stuff but I definitely got a good deal!

clarions product with bag

I originally hit the stand to pick up a serum. I have really dry skin and I am really happy with my routine at the minute but I could tell that extra bit of hydration was missing. Although I originally wanted the Hydra-Quench I somehow got sucked into the Double Serum, the lovely woman at the counter explained that this one would hydrate my skin just as much but has added benefits of age prevention and could minimise pores. Now although I am only 20, I am very aware that this babyface won’t last forever, especially thanks to my dry skin!


I ended up getting this in ‘Luxury Size’ which is 50ml. Luckily for me there was an offer of £10 off this size meaning it was only £4 more than the 30ml! Still pricey at £59 but thanks to my Gift Card the £9 didn’t sting too much, just hope I don’t love this product too much I would have to repurchase haha!

Now it didn’t stop there, as usual Clarins was offering a free gift, but heres the catch you would have to buy 2 products – any 2 products.

clarins 1

So after a play around the concealers, I decided to be semi sensible and get this facial SPF for my Adventure in Florida. It is SPF 30 and again, wrinkle control – not exactly what I need I’d say but the only other facial SPF was around £30-40! But I started to feel better when I read Caroline Hirons review here and it really does smell lovely!

Thanks to this little extra purchase, I picked up these..

This cute little beach bag, I absolutely love the colour – my mum has already called dibbs on this one of course



Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin – I am so impressed with the size of this! For a free gift this is a very generous amount and will be perfect this summer in Florida. I am looking forward to using this one!

Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with Marula Oil – this says it is for all skin types so I will have a go but honestly I am not expecting too much because I definitely need a really gentle cleanser like the Body Shop one.

 Hydra Quench Cream – This is for normal to dry skin and the woman on the counter said this is very effective after applying the serum so I am looking forward to this but again thanks to the great packaging I am going to try to keep this for Florida.

So here it is, all these Clarins products for £28 – I would say GO ME! but really its thanks to Liam for getting me the Gift Card hey!


These are the first Clarins products I have owned but I know so many people who swear by the brand, I knew the time would come eventually. They are pretty pricey products but when there are offers like this it does make it worth while. I will probably review some of these (if not all) after a good play around with them.

Have you ever tried anything from Clarins?



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  1. Lovely post! I really want to try the body shop camomille range ..

    Alexandra xx

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