Disney Cultural Exchange – Update


So it has been a while since I talked about the CEP on here so I thought I would do a little update.

All of the posts so far have been about the application process – the online application, the pre-screen interview and the final interview, so here’s what happens after you’ve been accepted!

This is going to be brief, mainly because it was such a long time ago it’s hard to remember haha!

But although I’m pretty sure anyone accepted would have already done this, it’s time to accept your offer! Remember to do this on Disney and Yummy Jobs! Of course, you have to pay your program acceptance free as well.

There were emails, emails and more emails. Lots of them from Disney some from Yummy Jobs. From what I can remember the first real task was completing the DBS, this is easy enough just remember to take your time and read it carefully, it takes even longer to be sent out a new form. I think you have to pay the fee for the DBS within a week, so it’s best to have money saved for these – especially because the offers tend to come through right before Christmas!

The DBS forms come back quicker if you have already previously had one, especially if one is still valid. (how annoying is it that even though these things last 3 years you have to get a new one with every employer!) so don’t worry if yours comes later than others. Tip is to get these in as early as possible, there are many people applying around this time for their summer jobs, best to get in quick! When you get this back make sure to scan it in and send it to someone at Yummy Jobs!

After this Disney send out an email about insurance! Now although I only completed mine around a week ago you can do it anytime between this email and the day before you go! As long as you have proof of insurance for when you arrive in the US you’ll be fine. I went for the medium option – apparently the price changes year to year but this one just seemed good for me – $105 per month. Although one sneaky thing HTH do is make you pay the full month even if you won’t be in the US that long. For example, I will be in America from 1st June – 3rd September and was given a quote of 4 months! 4 months for 3 days! So I emailed Louise at Yummy Jobs asking if it was possible to just be insured with HTH for 3 months and pay separately for the 3 days – she said it was fine because I will not need workers insurance because I will just be travelling. So just something to bare in mind to save you paying that extra month!

Next is the flights, which I actually did earlier but you know! I personally booked through STA because they were the cheapest but another good website is Sky Scanners just make sure you do the research for the site they refer you to! I got a flight from Manchester – Orlando then returning from New York – Manchester. STA are really good for multi-city flights if you are going travelling šŸ™‚

Next to the thing I really dreaded, the visa. I had heard horror stories about this but it really wasn’t too bad! You get theĀ Ā DS2019 ā€œCertificate of Eligibility for J1 Visa Statusā€ Visa Petition in the post along with a helpful guide from Yummy Jobs and you simply fill this in and book your appointment. Ok it’s not that simple, but again as long as you concentrate, take your time and read carefully its ok. It’s always handy to have your mum on hand to help too!

So we hopped on the train to London to go to the US embassy and get our visa. Again I thought this was going to be a really scary thing but it wasn’t and everyone who worked there was lovely! We ended up getting out of there in about 40 minutes? But we were lucky enough to get our DS2019 forms earlier than usual so we made have avoided the queues!

So theres all the formalities from what I can remember and basically all I’ve done on top of that is way too much holiday clothes shopping and watched too many Disney vloggers, my favourite isĀ Pixels and Pixie Dust!

I have started packing and will hopefully do some posts and maybe even a packing video!

One thing I can’t tell you about, is how hard the wait is!

But oh well, only a week left for me!


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