Wishdrobe #2

With a student loan excitedly coming in soon, its fair to say all I’ve done since I came back from America is dream about all the lovely clothes that will join my wardrobe. So I thought I would give you some insight to the future and show you some of the things I will be getting.

I don't give a ship

Although this ASOS beauty is currently out of stock, I am checking each and every day for when my size comes around! – £18


This flannel shirt from Pop Boutique via ASOS is exactly what I’m looking for. Oh all the outfit ideas! Perhaps when I come around to get this I might do a ways to wear.. – £28


Another piece from ASOS that is a bargain! I think this is definitely going to be a staple piece in my wardrobe that I will be able to throw on as a pop of colour. – £22


After seeing this bag on so many Beautycrush Videos I decided it will be a good uni bag! – £32


Yet another Beautycrush inspired want, I loved how she styled this in her Style Q&A video, exactly how I would want to wear it! This missguided jacket is a good transitional piece – £40


Finally these knee high boots from River Island don’t only look comfortable but the simple boot with silver hardware will easily fit into my wardrobe. – £65

Now no doubt I will also be adding several beauty products and a couple of pairs of jeans to my wishlist when my loan comes in but I thought I would show you my favourites.

Which one was your favourite? What are you planning with your student loan?


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