The Ultimate Christmas Fair

I was lucky enough to be invited to The Ultimate Christmas Fair last week held in Liverpool’s Exhibition Centre. I had seen a lot of hype around this event so was over the moon that my friend and I could go!

One of my favourite parts of the event was the Mark Melia Fashion Show, now Mark Melia is a familiar name around these parts so I was excited to see the new collection and get some ideas for the Festive Season. My friend and I got a little sidetracked in the Street Food section – what can I say? But we managed to see the show just in time. The dresses were lovely and very fitting for the Party season, full of sparkles!



There were over 200 exhibitors at the fair and of course I was drawn to one of the candle stalls.


The stall was beautifully set up and immediately caught me eye. I ended up coming away with the shortbread candle, I was blown away by the price considering it promises 55 hours burning time. I have since used my candle, and the scent payoff is incredible, the whole house smelt amazing with the warming comfort of baked goods.

I bought some Christmas presents and went on my way. It was a lovely event and it was great to see people supporting Alder Hey however, perhaps because I attended on the first night, it was a bit quiet and not as busy as I expected.



One of the best things about the event were the amazing singers who were out in the corridor, my friend and I felt that they deserved more recognition and should have been in the main hall, just to boost the spirit and get people singing and excited!

Look forward to covering more events in Liverpool on my little blogs soon! 🙂


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