Disney’s Cultural Exchange Program: Alumni Edition

So you’re thinking about the Disney College Program? And you’re from the UK?

Well here are some of my blog posts to get you started

  1. Disney Cultural Exchange – Application process.
  2. Disney Cultural Exchange Program – Pre-Screen Interview
  3. Disney Cultural Exchange – Final Interview!!!
  4. 10 Reasons to do a Disney International Program

I wrote them before I set off on my first Disney International College Program where I worked at Magic Kingdom as a Merchandise Hostess. I had the best summer of my life, enjoying every second and making the most amazing friends, so naturally I wanted to go back and do it all again.

Some things were a little different the second time round and I didn’t really find too much information about what its like for Alumni.

So nothing too drastic, but to start off with your application is already stored on your Yummy profile. Praise the Lord, that saved me a lot of time – I just had to remember to add my work experience from Disney. Then we were off to the Pre-Screen (Group) Interview and this time we went to YJ HQ in Essex. In my group there were 3 alumni out of 6, it definitely felt like I was cheating!

Luke: So, if a guest wanted a Simba toy that was sold out in Adventureland how would you try to help?


So you have to be careful, on one hand you want your personality to still show through but of course you don’t want to be too controlling, obviously you know what to do in situations from your role, thats why they have training. Anyway, all was well UNTIL.

Alumni and Disney Store current/ex employees got such a confusing email. Long and short of it, they had to check our records to see if we were eligible for rehire but for a while we were all so confused, it sounded like we had been waitlisted. A common misconception is that ALL previous participants will be accepted again. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case and this is kind of where it happens – so those points that you may/may not rack up in summer could bite you in the ass.

Next up, is Disney HQ. I had Sue again, she did say she doesn’t usually interview the same person twice but hey ho. Here are some questions they might ask alumni:

  1. How was your experience and why do you want to go back?
  2. What kind of things did you learn?
  3. What are you interested in doing this year?
  4. Are you worried about comparisons from your previous program?

Alongside similar questions to non-alumni.

I had a little worry or two about maybe my second program wouldn’t live up to my first. My first program I went with my best friend, my second program I made a new best friend. My first program I ended up loving my job, my second program I started loving my job. My first program I met a lot of people from all around the world, my second program I was mainly surrounded by people on the program.

It will be different, but that doesn’t mean it wont be as magical.



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