January Favourites

*insert exclamatory sentence about how quick the month has gone here*

January has been a month of organisation and accomplishment for me, although I haven’t actually accomplished anything note worthy, I have bullet journal-ed all month which is surely a huge success right? Probably not, but after a couple of pretty rough months during the end of 2016 it feels pretty good to revel in the positive. So here it goes,

ASOS Floral Peplum Top, £28

 ‘Yeah I’ll probably wear jeans and a dressy top’ I FOUND IT, I FOUND A DRESSY TOP! This is the typical saying that comes around on every semi-casual evening night out, and definitely what I struggle with every time. Why is every evening top a crop top or a cami? Well I have been loving this ASOS Peplum top for exactly that occasion, the simple floral print is great, especially for transitioning into Spring and the top just falls so beautifully – and hides all the lumps and bumps. I am in love with this one.

Clinique Seven Day Scrub, £20

 I have been terrified of exfoliators for so long thanks to my sensitive skin until a friend told me about this one. I love it, it makes my skin feel clearer and bright whilst maintaining the little moisture I have. Highly recommend this if you’re a scrub-a-phobe like I was.

Matalan Handbag, £16

 You may already be sick of this bag if you’ve been seeing the rounds in the blogosphere. It’s been quoted as a Chloe dupe but for me this is simply a great handbag for £16. I love how spacious this is, as a big bag lover I am all too used to throwing everything in my bag, I can still do this! I usually carry around my purse, diary and kindle and this has room for it all.

Slimming World, £4.95 per week

On a more personal note, I started slimming world this month and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. As a 22 year old who still lives at home (cue the violins) I’m all too used to eating whatever is in the cupboard however alongside helping me lose weight I think it has really helped me think about what I’m eating and making me cook exciting – yet healthy food as well. So far I’ve lost 8.5 lbs in 3 weeks which I’m feeling really good about, my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner!

Tarte in Bloom Palette, £36

First of all, I have to mention the bloody lovely smell of this palette. But the colours are just so wearable I have never reached for a palette so much before, I think all of my others have been pushed to the side, yes even my Zoeva cocoa blend. There are so many looks that you can create, but just watch out for some fall out. I had never understood what beauty guru’s meant about an eyeshadow’s creamy consistency before I met this palette, but believe me these are creamy as it comes.

Freedom Brow Pomade, £5

After being a Brow Wiz worshipper for a couple of months, I was intrigued about the Anastasia Brow Pomade, but concerned about a heavy hand I didn’t want to bite the bullet and spend £15 just to realise I was awful at applying it. I heard about the Freedom Brow Pomade in Emma Rectangle’s Drugstore First Impressions Video so thought I would give it a go to try out and actually I really love it. The medium brown shade is a great colour match for me and the pomade goes on so evenly across the brow whilst staying on all day. Definitely a good one if want to save yourself a tenner!

If you would like to see any more info about any of this, let me know 🙂 Have you had any favourites this month?


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